Generally if temperatures fall below 70 degrees the pool will be closed. In addition, guard management at their discretion will close the facility in case of poor or hazardous weather conditions such as thunderstorms.

Children visiting without adult supervision must be at least 12 years of age. Minimum age for an escort or babysitter accompanying younger children is 16 years of age.

YES, we can process your payments through the website. A charge of approximately 3% will be applied by the card issuer at time of checkout. Clubhouse rental fees and cleaning fees still need to be transacted by check.

Guest guidelines are as follows: All Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. Each bonded member family is allotted ten free guest passes per summer. Any additional guests, ages four and older, will be charged $5.00. Guest passes can be purchased on our website prior to arrival, or at time of arrival via smart phone. There is a maximum of four (4) guests per day per member. Guest fees may change and will be posted on guard house. Guests, who are members with a past due account are NOT allowed at the pool. If Guests become ‘every day’ guests we encourage those to purchase memberships so we can keep this generous guest policy. Children under 4 years of age do not need a guest pass and can visit as guests free of charge.

Yes, but you must register the person with us to receive a Nanny pass

If you purchased a bond with your house purchase, please call our office at (855) 877-2472 to initiate a pool bond transfer. We can walk you through the bond transfer process. If you did not purchase a bond, reach out to our offices to inquire about available membership opportunities.

Yes. As you are an equity bond owner you are a part owner of the property, regardless if you use the facility or not. Just like if you would own a condominium, you are responsible for the annual assessments, regardless of how much you use the common property or if you reside there. The payment of the annual assessment is NOT optional but mandatory as per the membership agreement and the by-laws you bought into.

Yes, South Pointe Swim Club has a designated concession dining area fully equipped with tables, chairs and umbrellas. The State of Illinois Health Department restricts all food and beverages from the pool area, including in the water. It is a state code violation to have drinks and food while swimming or wadding in the water. While we allow food and drink, we ask that you respect these rules and eat in the designated areas.

The slide is a blast! Anyone can enjoy the twists and turns, but just remember the water at the end is over 4 feet deep. We ask that you make sure your swimmer can either touch, or swim to safety when exiting the slide.