Transferring or Selling your Bond 

You have two options when selling your bond. You may sell it privately (many residents post it on the South Pointe Swim Club/HOA Facebook) or you may request to be put on our sell list.  (Email to initiate sell request.) Bonds are sold in the order we receive requests. Bonds sold directly by South Pointe are sold from this sell list on behalf of our members. If you do not sell your bond or we are not able to sell it for you by the end of the calendar year, you are still expected to pay the annual assessments for next year.

To perform a bond transfer privately, the annual assessments/account must be paid in full to transfer the bond to another member (It must show $0 due on the account). If you do not know if you are up on payments please reach out with the first and last name of the member who owns the bond (Bond #)  to When transferring a bond, you will need to sign the back of your printed bond certificate form that you received when first became members (Title should say transfer information). The existing member must sign the back of the certificate and have the new members finish signing/filling out their portion of the certificate. A transfer agreement and new membership application form are also required. Both of  these forms are found on the Bond Transfer tab on the web site. A $100 transfer fee should accompany all three documents and be dropped off at the clubhouse (mailbox in parking lot 2824 Champion Road, Naperville IL 60564 or during summer clubhouse office hours Monday through Thursday afternoons).

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