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Property Manager:
The property manager is your first point of contact for all matters concerning your membership, including
club house reservations, membership transfers, account status questions, and any other requests you may have.

Please contact:

Marcia Caruso - RealManage LLC
Phone: (331) 215-8606
or Toll Free (866) 473-2573

Board of Directors

You can reach the Board of Directors via email:

President - Charles Franckowiak
Vice President - Jay Miller
Treasurer - Lisa Krohn
Secretary - Chris Davis
Director -
Marius Negrean

Guardhouse / Pool Operations:

Tel: 630-922-7904 during pool season and regular pool hours

Clubhouse Office Hours 

Wednesday 12pm - 5pm



South Pointe Sea Stars Swim team

Click here to go to the South Pointe Sea Stars Website

South Pointe Homeowners Association:

South Pointe Swim Club (SPSC) is NOT AFFILIATED with the South Pointe Homeowners Association (SPHOA)
If you are a resident of South Pointe HOA, any concerns not related to the Swim Club should be directed to the SPHOA


Celtic Property Management

3100 Theodore Street, Suite 100      Phone: (815) 730-1500

(PeopleFirst Bank Plaza)                     Fax: (815) 726-4800

Joliet, IL 60435                          


Timothy McGinnis                    

Donna Barnett McGinnis          




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