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South Pointe Announcement

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South Pointe Announcement
Dear South Pointe Swim Club Members

We hope this letter finds you and your families well during these most trying and extraordinary times.

The club’s Board of Directors wanted to give you an update on the status of club operations and our plans for the upcoming summer season.

As of the time of this writing, several neighborhood outdoor swim facilities in Naperville and surrounding communities have already made the decision to suspend pool activities for the summer. However, we are still reviewing options and looking for solutions that would allow us to have a delayed opening this year.

The current challenge we face is that there is still no guidance from the State and Health & Regulatory bodies on the circumstances and rules that will be required to operate outdoor swim facilities under various phases of the Govenor’s plan to re-open Illinois. Specifically the mandates surrounding occupancy and social distancing requirements remain unclear.

That being said, we anticipate social distancing and sanitization will likely be the primary challenge of any solution if we are allowed to open. In order to meet some of these challenges, the following changes are being considered but will not be finalized until we have a better picture of the specific requirements that ultimately materialize.

Under consideration:

· A delayed opening of mid to late June with a possibility of extending the pool season past Labor Day.

· Due to challenges of social distancing, reduced capacity requirements, including sanitization and managing/limiting attendance at the pool itself, Clubhouse rentals may need to be suspended for summer while pool is open.

· Possibility of closure of the concessions area, patio/sport court, wading pool and playground with only the main pool deck open to member access.

· Placement throughout the facility of hand sanitizing stations.

· Removal of all club furniture from the pool deck which would include all loungers, chairs and umbrellas due to the inability to properly sanitize all of these surfaces after each member use. Members would be allowed to bring their own folding chairs and would be required to remove all possessions when leaving facility. Items left behind would be discarded.

· Limited capacity rules will likely apply and members will be required to follow public social distancing requirements in place which may include wearing masks when not in water and maintaining minimum distances from other members. As mentioned above these requirements are still not defined by the state.

· Parents will be required to be in attendance with and directly supervising children at all times. Parents will also be responsible for their children’s compliance with social distancing rules. Those not in compliance would be asked to leave the facility.

· Guest pass privileges may be suspended, as well as limiting attendance to just immediate family members that currently reside at registered bond home address. Adult Members may asked to provide ID upon entering the pool showing current address.

No members will be admitted without valid pool ID cards and will be turned away if not in possession.

Possibility of blocks of times for members to attend a few hours at a time. After which, all members would be asked to leave facility for a bathhouse sanitization and entry for the next group of members scheduled to attend.

There are likely to be other modified rules that may need to be implemented and compliance will not be optional or debatable.

Members who do not comply will be asked to leave the facility and may have club privileges revoked. If we are to open this summer it will require all members to understand the difficulty this current pandemic provides to normal operations and the need to provide a solution for all members in a safe and fair manner.

Lastly, we must remind you that as bonded member and part owner of our beautiful facility, paying your annual dues is not optional. 2020 dues still need to be paid on time to avoid imposition of late fees.

As a part owner, you have a share ownership in all of the expenses that continue to accrue including items such as property taxes, utilities, required maintenance and repair projects.

In the unfortunate circumstance we are unable to find a way to reopen the facility for the 2020 Swim Season, we anticipate there would be some operational savings which once quantifiable, we would look to apply to adjust dues payable in 2021. However, members would be required to have 2020 dues paid in full in good standing in order to be eligible for any modified dues in 2021.

We regret that this letter does not provide you with the level of clarity and certainty that you would like to have for the upcoming summer. We will continue to explore our options and will communicate further details for the 2020 summer season as we get closer to a determination of an actual opening date.

Kind Regards,

South Pointe Swim Club Board of Directors


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